Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here, There and Everywhere

The response to the new web site and The Survivors Conference has been great! Lots of folks are signing up for the conference and logging in their interest to get involved in the site. Now that BeyondExGay is off the ground, so am I.

I fly out of Hartford this morning for a three week trip that will take me to Indiana, New Jersey, Tennessee, North Carolina and Oregon. And I get to see some of YOU!

First off to Earlham College in Richmond, IN where I will perform and connect with students. Then I fly to Newark, NJ to meet up with my dad. We will spend the night at my cousin Louie's house (yes, I have a cousin Louie), then my dad and I will go on a road trip to visit my Uncle Frankie and Aunt Rolla (yes, I have an Uncle Frankie) in Eastern Tennessee.

After that we see an old family friend, Gloria, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, then my dad drops me off in Greensboro, NC where I will perform at Guilford College and New Garden Friends School April 11 and 12.

I then fly off to Portland, OR where I have a show there on the 13th before I head out to Corvallis, Bend, back to Portland then onto Salem.

You can find out the details at my performance schedule where you will also read about my upcoming presentations in Denver, Colorado, Oxford, London, Wakefield, UK and Lovely Lund, Sweden. Yummy, very yummy.

(yes, yes, I know that Texas is not yet listed or Tampa!).

I am especially pleased about the many Quaker venues where I will perform. I have my travel minute on me and will get it endorsed as I present from place to place.

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At 12:50 PM , Blogger Bruce Garrett said...

"Yes! We Have No Bananas!"

Love it! Love the poster!

You taking I-81 down to Tennessee? How are you connecting? I-95 to Baltimore and I-695 and then to I-70?

At 12:50 AM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Bruce, since we will be leaving from NJ (cousin Louie's place) we will go through Baltimore, but it is one of those non-stop, get there as quickly as possible sort of gigs. I may have to pee in a bottle!

Wish I could stop and see you, but I will wave as we fly by.


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